The stuff you just can't do without! Mustache mints, talking key chains, mustache doormats . . . fart books, bitch books. The LOFT has your brown humor novelty items . . . and fuchsia, puce and violet humor items as well!

Jesus Shaves Mug


This Jesus Shaves Mug shaves the savior! Say goodbye to Jesus' long locks and hello to his clean-shaven look with this "magical" Jesus Mug! Ever wonder what Jesus looked like without his beard? Simply pour in a hot beverage and watch Jesus change from his signature beard to a more modern style! Makes a fun conversation piece for any kitchen or desk.

Sunscreen Flask


Take your flask anywhere with this hilarious sunscreen tube flask. Flask can hold up to 8 ounces of liquid.

Tire Swing Bird Feeder

Feed wild birds in style with this 5.5" ceramic novelty bird feeder.